Social commerce startup Meesho best shutters Superstore grocery business in India in 2022

The Social Trading Platform Homegrown Meesho has reportedly closed a wholesale business called superstore in more than 90% of cities in India (except Nagpur and Mysuru), which results in some job loss.

nearly 300 employees lost their job in meesho.

According to the Inc42 report, nearly 300 employees have lost their jobs after the closing of Meso Superstore.In April, Meso changed the Pharmiso image to superstore, with the aim of highlighting its sustainable focus to meet consumer demand for daily important things in the 2nd level market and so on.

In the same month, the company stopped more than 150 employees, most of the Pharmiso, because it aims to integrate its grocery business in the core application.The previous social trading platform dismissed more than 200 employees in the first wave of Pandemi.

Meesho Superstore operates in six states.

According to the Inc42 report, “Low income and high cash burning is the reason behind the startup decision to end the operation in most cities” this time.Meesho Superstore operates in six states – Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

The report states that Meesho offers a two -month salary as a severance package to those who are dismissed. Vidit Aatrey, founder and Chief Executive Officer,mesho, said the company hopes to integrate Meesho Superstore with its core application. What began as a pilot in Karnataka now see positive traction in the six states.

Meesho users of integrated shopping experiences.

Encouraged by the first mindset of our users, this integration will provide millions of meeso users of integrated shopping experiences, while giving us the opportunity to encourage stronger synergy in all fields such as customer acquisitions, technology and products and talents, “he said in a .meeso statement launched Pilots in Karnataka to make affordable online food shopping, and the company aims to make superstore available in 12 states at the end of 2022.

The Mesho Marketplace provides small businesses, which include small and medium businesses (SMEs), micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and individual entrepreneurs, access to millions of customers, from more than 700 categories, Pan-Indian logistics, payment services and customers support ability.This new Mesho reaches 100 million transactions users. Since March 2021, the user base that transacted on the platform has jumped 5.5 times while various kinds of various times have not grown to 72 million during the same period, claiming startup

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