Sony launches 1440p support to PS5- Know more

The latest Sony PlayStation5 firmware update adds 1440p support, game listings, and more. According to Android Central, the PlayStation app will be updated to add the ability to request more features, including screen sharing and the launch of Remote Play later this month. The aforementioned report says that beta testers will be able to use these features starting in July, but now everyone can enjoy 1440p support, a list of games, and more. Compatible TVs and PC monitors support 1440p video output, so gamers can experience native 1440p resolution as long as the game supports it.

For games that offer up to 4K native resolution, users may want to try downsampling down to 1440p to take advantage of improved anti-aliasing and produce smoother images without sharp pixel edges. Using Game Lists on PS5, users can create game lists of up to 100 games at a time by simply going to the game library and navigating to the Collections tab.

. Players can create a total of 15 playlists, and games can be added to multiple playlists at the same time, whether digital disc or streaming. The feature was present in PS4 but was removed when PS5 launched, reports say. Other new features include the ability to compare 3D and stereo audio, ask party members to share their screen, and search YouTube using voice commands

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