Syrma SGS Technology IPO: GMP signals a strong debut on August 26

Syrma SGS Technology IPO.

The gray market premium for Syrma is around RS 50-55, or 22-25 percent, at the final edition price of RS 220 per share.

Syrma SGS Technology Electronic Manufacturing Services Companies Stocks are available with a premium of more than 20 percent in the gray market on August 24, showing a strong debut for shares on August 26.Maintaining the price of problems lower than the price of pre-IPO placement, better financial performance, strong client relationships and diverse product portfolios along with experienced promoters can be a premium reason enjoyed by companies in the gray market, analysts said.

Gray Market Premium (GMP) for Syrma SGS.

Gray Market Premium (GMP) for Syrma is around RS 50-55, or 22-25 percent, compared to the final edition price of RS 220 per share, experts said.While the price of pre-IPO placement is RS 290 and the price price with a significant discount.The gray market is an unofficial platform for trade. Trading begins with the announcement of the IPO price band and continues until the share list.

Syrma SGS technology is raised.

Syrma SGS technology is raised around RS 840 Crore through its public problems, which is a new problem worth RS 766 Crore and an offer for selling shares worth RS 74 Crore.The company intends to utilize new problems for the development of R&D facilities and expand manufacturing facilities, working capital requirements, and general objectives of the company.

IPO public subscribed 32.61 times during August 12-18. Institutional buyers who meet the requirements show great interest in the IPO, because the portion set aside for them subscribe 87.56 times. Institutional investors and retail investors buy 17.5 times and 5.53 times their quota.Most analysts provide a ranking of subscription to this problem, given the reasonable assessment.

Syrma SGS is one of India’s leading electronic exporter.

Syrma is one of India’s leading electronic exporters, providing high -value integrated design and production solutions for internationally recognized OEM.His income from the operation increased 42.7 percent to 1,266.6 Crore Rs in FY22, mainly due to an increase in manufacturing goods. It grew in Cagr 20.8 percent compared to FY20-22 behind the strong demand traction throughout the industry, said Vikrant Kashyap from Krchoksey Research, who had a subscription rating at the IPO.Product portfolio of various companies is ideal for capturing growth opportunities, he said.

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