Taliban News : Has the Taliban leader not shown the US drone to Zawahiri’s house? There is a rift between the terrorists!

Kabul: Taliban-led tensions have been exposed after the death of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in a US drone strike. It has become clear that Zawahiri was given refuge in his home by the Taliban Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani. Full security was provided to Zawahiri and his family, but now analysts say that there was someone under the Taliban leadership who helped America and there was a special reason behind it. Most of the doubts are being expressed over the son of Taliban founder Mullah Omar and Taliban Defense Minister Mohammad Yacoub.

After Zawahiri’s death, it is now being questioned whether the relationship between the Taliban and al-Qaeda will remain the same or this death will have any effect on the close ties between the two. That too when the Taliban is making every effort to get recognition from the world. Actually, in February 2020, an agreement was signed between the US and the Taliban in Qatar. After this, American forces withdrew from Afghanistan after about 20 years.

Taliban split in two by Doha Agreement
The Taliban promised that it would not allow its land to be used against any third country. The US hoped that it would eliminate the IS Khorasan terrorist organization with the help of the Taliban. According to the Asia Times report, the Taliban accepted the Doha Agreement for the sake of money and power, but many factions inside it did not like it inside. He did not accept this agreement and maintained good relations with Al Qaeda even though he was in the Taliban. This split the Taliban in two.

New Taliban vs Old Taliban
On the one hand there are the new Taliban who are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, speak English who want to take this opportunity to change the image of their organization and strengthen Afghan society by taking money from the world. On the other hand are the old Taliban fighters. A section of old Taliban fighters owe allegiance to Abdul Ghani Baradar, who became deputy prime minister after the Taliban took over. This group of Mullah Baradar is a resident of Kandahar, a stronghold of the Taliban, who are considered very fanatical.

Haqqani and al-Qaeda relations never ended
Apart from this, Pakistan’s pet Haqqani Brothers also opposed the Doha Agreement. Al Qaeda chief Zawahiri was living in the same house of Sirajuddin Haqqani for several months. Haqqani considers the Doha Agreement a betrayal of the Pashtuns. Sirajuddin Haqqani never accepted the Quetta Council of the Taliban. Not only this, Haqqani considers himself the hero of victory over Kabul. According to an Afghan intelligence official, the Haqqani network has never severed its ties with al-Qaeda.

Surgical operation difficult without local support
Now the question arises, did the Taliban help in the US operation? It will be difficult to say anything about it so soon and it is also possible that the truth may never come out. It was believed that this drone attack was being planned for several months. It could also be that it was very well planned and executed without any local support in which only intelligence had a role.

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America’s support given in the greed of reward?
However, surgical operations such as US drone strikes in highly-guarded areas suggest that some help was taken in locating Zawahiri’s exact location. In a country that is reeling under poverty, food crises and corruption, a $25 million reward for identifying a terrorist like Zawahiri adds to the speculation that the US is being offered local support.

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