Teachers Day: Kota Factory to Shabaash Mithu, Netflix’s shows that celebrate extraordinary mentors

Teachers and mentors play an important role in shaping our lives. The role of the teacher has changed over the years, as has the role on the screen. This Teacher’s Day is our selection of Netflix movies and shows that showcase the amazing mentors and teachers who inspire us.

skateboard girl
Starring Rachel Sanchita Gupta, Amy Magra and Shafin Pate, this Netflix original tells the touching story of socially impactful teenage rebellion. The story tells the story of an ordinary teenager living in the countryside who dreams of becoming an ice skater and what happens to her life when she meets a British Indian woman (Jassica) who inspires her to pursue her dreams and train her to skate. Variety. Not only does Jessica work with her family and villagers to fight for Prena’s dream of becoming a skater, but they also help her get the funds and resources she needs to skate.

Toolsidas Junior
Starring Sanjay Dutt and Rajiv Kapoor, this Netflix film tells the heartwarming story of Toolsidas’ crushing defeat at a table tennis match in Kolkata. The story becomes even more intriguing as Toolsidas Jr. accepts the challenge of mastering the game in order to save his father’s honor and put the family’s name on the winning board. Despite some difficulties along the way, with the help of Mohammad Salam, Toolsidas Jr. was able to thrive on the international stage and play for India.

Kota Factory
There are many prestigious colleges in Kota, but few teachers dedicate their lives to improving their students. Starring Mayur More, Jitendra Kumar and Ranjan Raj, the show explores the pressures and challenges Vaibhav and his other friends face as they face financial hardship and study for hours every day. When these students meet Jeetu Bhaiya, their lives take a turn. In this five-part series, Jitendra Kumar portrays the powerful character of Jeetu Bhaiya, both an inspiration and a mentor to his institution’s students.

Starring Taapsee Pannu, the Netflix film is based on the journey of cricketer Mithali Raj, who faces discrimination at home and on the pitch in her pursuit of becoming a cricketer. In this biopic, Vijay Raz plays Sampath, a formidable trainer who embodies Mithali’s strength and inspiration. It shows how her life changed when she was recognised by Sampath while performing Bharatnatyam and how she became the youngest ever captain of the Indian women’s cricket team.

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