Best Tech News: 3 Things to Know in Australia Today

Hello, welcome on Monday. Outside bright and starts to smell like spring. This weekend we saw more chat around the promise of the secret meeting of former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the excitement around Final Footy had begun. But this is what you should know this morning in technology news.

Creating artificial embryos from human DNA(Tech News)

An Israeli biotek company created an artificial mouse embryo from stem cells, and now they want to do the same thing with human cells. As people reported, scientists in the Molecular Genetic Department of Weizmann grow “synthetic mouse embryos” in jars without using sperm, eggs or uterus.

Replica embryos cannot develop into mice that are fully formed and therefore not “real”, but they have a beating heart, blood circulation, early brain, nerve tubes and intestinal tract. Bio renewal now wants to use technology to make “humanity younger and healthier”.

Tesla to increase self-driving software(Tech News)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced price increases for independent car driver software. The new price (leap $ US3,000) will begin to take effect in North America (which is currently testing the ability to drive sophisticated autonomous) starting September 5 but will not affect the owner of Australia Tesla and Wannabe owners.

The technology is not yet available in Australia. This is also not the first time in the new memory that Tesla has raised prices. This is a Tech News.

Australian government spent $2 billion on $1 billion IBM deal(Tech News)

Back in July 2018, IBM scored a $ 1 billion agreement with the federal government to become a ‘technology partner’ (this was also after the 2016 census disaster as well). The idea is to make the government buy easier, more efficient and cost -effective and to help the government not so old -fashioned with ‘innovation’.

It is also the biggest contract ever given by the Commonwealth. As stated by ITNEWS, this agreement in 2022 has now told $ 2 billion and the digital transformation agency will now fully “IBM commercial landscape in the Commonwealth, to inform future negotiations with IBM”.

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