Best gaming news this week: August 2022

It’s time to reflect the silliness of video games, friends. Once again, we must be reluctant to accept that Breath of the Wild 2 will not come out in 2022 again. This is a sufficient burden to bear.

Unlike last week, there was a pleasant announcement flow over the past few days. Wave Race 64 returned after years of being none other than a distant memory, and Saints Row arrived immediately after that. Meanwhile, we got the temptation for Redfall and the last of us part 1-both are an excellent example of how beautiful the current generation console gaming.

As a reminder, some of the free quakecon are ready to be contested, owned by Epic and Game Pass. So ride it while the Still Stand offer!

Okay, that honorable mentioned. Let’s roll our sleeves and enter the headlines this week.

Histeria Ball Dragon Takes over Fortnite(gaming)

After the unexpected number of memes countdown to date, Goku and Gang are in Fortnite. Everyone is right -really a banana for the Dragon Ball X Fortnite event, and who can blame them? We now live in a world where Ellen Ripley can do Kamehameha, wasting into other countless pop cultural icons. Really, Epic’s Metaverse is now equivalent to virtual banging on random action figures together.

Contractors claim Nintendo is an unhealthy place to work(gaming)

Over the past few months, the Nintendo of America has competed with the ongoing accusations that claimed female contractors regularly deal with unreasonable sexual progress and terrible working conditions. Well, more former testers talk about sexism that is rampant in the company. Nintendo from American President Doug Bowser claims that management is looking for this problem, but time will tell if there is a big change that will occur.

Fallout TV show set photos leak(gaming)

Amazon has promoted Fallout TV shows for some time. There is a promise that it will remain loyal to video games, and some photo sets that leak confirm that. At least from a visual point of view, due to the poster propaganda and bunker vault boy. Unfortunately, you must trust us in this case – all photos are affected by DMCA claims and deleted from social media and reddit.

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