The budget is not being made on the desire of Split AC? This cooler will also hang on the wall

New Delhi. Even though the monsoon has knocked, there are still days when the sticky heat makes the sweat go away. Even so, due to global warming, now more days in the year are getting hotter. If you are also troubled by this heat and the budget of Split AC is not being made, then you do not need to be disappointed. Actually, in the age of technology, people who are not able to use split AC can use a special type of air cooler.

The special thing about this air cooler is that it hangs easily on the wall like Symphony AC. You might be surprised to know but it is true that this is such a cooler that can hang on the wall. Let us know about the features and price of this special cooler.

Features and Price of Symphony Cloud Personal Cooler:
A 15-liter water tank will be seen in this air cooler of Symphony. Apart from this, many attractive features such as electronic humidity control, automatic horizontal and vertical swing and 4 speed cooling have also been provided in this cooler. The special thing is that if the water in the cooler is running out, then the alarm starts ringing so that you can be alert. An auto clean function has also been given in this cooler. The cooler will also come with intelligent remote control that provides 10-hour timer on/off, fan, swing and cooler settings.

The special thing is that this air cooler of Symphony is available for Rs 14,999, but at present, a discount of 21 percent is being given on this cooler. That is, if people want, they can buy this cooler for Rs 11,990 and can save 3,099. As per the listing on Amazon, this air cooler gives coolness at the same operating cost as a fan. The special thing is that many things like 1 remote, 1 unique magic fill for auto water filling and 1 drain pipe are also included with this cooler. You can buy it by paying Rs 645 per month.

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