This 2022 Multibagger Stock Will Trade Ex-Bonus Tomorrow: Check If You Own It

Aki India Ltd. has a market capitalization of Rs 60.24 crore. A small company in the consumer durables space. Horse blankets, shoes, bags, belts and finished leather are the equestrian leather goods that the company designs and manufactures. The company’s monthly production capacity is 1.2 million square meters. Feet are used in upholstery leather, luggage leather, belt leather and shoe leather. As AKI India has set Wednesday 20 July 2022 as the bonus record date, the stock will trade without bonus tomorrow, 19 July 2022.

As far as the dividend issuance is concerned, the board said in a stock exchange filing, “In accordance with Section 42 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) 2015, the board has fixed Wednesday 20 July 2022 as a record date for the purpose of identifying shareholders Qualification of Rs 10 per 10 (ten) existing shares at Rs 10 per share.”

AKI India shares on the BSE closed at Rs 58.50 today, up 3.36 per cent from the previous close of Rs 56.60. 2,45,000 shares were traded on the BSE throughout the day. Over the past year, the stock has risen from £12.10 on 27 July 2021 to current levels, a return of 383.47%.

Year-to-date, the stock has climbed from £26 per share on 4 January 2022 to its current level, implying a multiple return of 125.00% so far in 2022. The stock is up 83.10% in the past six months and 10.59% in the last month.

AKI India shares have surged from £31 to current levels in the past 5 days, yielding 88.71%. The stock’s 52-week high was at Rs 62.25 per share at around 3.20pm today, while the 52-week low was at Rs 12.10 on July 27, 2021, suggesting that the stock is now trading 383% higher 52 Weekly low.

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