This wireless neckband will amaze you with its features, costs Rs 1,099

Indian Mobile Accessories, RD Accessories has recently launched its latest M150 wireless neckband with auto disconnect feature to the Indian market. The ring is priced at Rs 1,099 and is available in both online and offline stores in the country.

The new M 150 neckband features an automatic disconnect when not in use, saving device battery. The neckband is backed by a 350mAh battery, which is said to provide up to 100 hours of gaming and standby time.

It has five equalizer functions – Pop, Rock, Jazz, Bass and Country. Additionally, the device has separate power and volume buttons, as well as an additional dedicated button to change music (previous/next).

Narayan Rathod, CEO of RD Accessories, said: “We wanted to create a fully functional wireless neckband, but at the same time we wanted to make sure it was comfortable to use. When we try to find too many features in a single product, it often doesn’t work well. work. So we took the time to develop an all-in-one device that is still very nice and convenient to use.”

RD Accessories is an Indian brand with a manufacturing facility in India. The company has wholesalers, retailers and distributors across the country and a distributor in Bangladesh.

The company has expanded its facilities to several African and Gulf countries, with operations headquartered outside Dubai.

Narayan Rathod further explained: “We are expanding every day. We want to touch the lives of people all over the world.”

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