Today in best Cryptocurrency: South Korean Foreign Exchange Probe, Voyager Seeks Buyers, NFT-Related Cryptos Fall in 2022

Illegal dominated cryptocurrency agreement

The Cryptocurrency agreement has dominated illegal foreign exchange transactions in South Korea, Bloomberg News reported Thursday (August 24).Quoting government data, the report said the prosecutor had seen four Crypto cases this year which violated the local foreign exchange transaction rules, which involved 1.5 trillion Won ($ 1.1 billion). That number was almost double what was reported last year, and 70 times more than 2020.

Nearly three quarters of transactions

Violate foreign exchange rules related to crypto, compared to 61% in 2021, data shows.Bloomberg said four cases were not connected to other investigations that were ongoing by South Korean financial supervision services to $ 3.4 billion “abnormal” foreign exchange transactions at Korean banks that could be associated with illegal crypto activities.

Meanwhile, digital problem lenders have attracted the interest of some of the biggest players in the cryptocurrency industry in their search for buyers.Coindesk reported that the exchange of Binance and FTX was among interested buyers,

According to sources who were familiar with the problem

The offer for Voyager’s assets will mature on September 6 because of its sales, which occurs as part of its bankruptcy. A winner can be selected at auction – if necessary – on September 29. Coindesk said at least 22 investors had shown interest in buying Voyager assets. One source said the American crypto exchange coinbase had considered an agreement but eventually withdrew.Also, cryptocurrency with bonds with non-funible token (NFT.

Metaverse has been performing poorly this week

Due to enthusiasm about the NFT market decline, Coindesk reported.Among this cryptos is a flow network token, which can be used to build NFT and decentralized applications on the web3 platform. It fell 20% over the past seven days, the second largest decline for a week among 52 cryptocurrency which has a market capitalization higher than $ 1 billion.

This report also quotes data from which shows that the number of US dollars traded in the NFT market fell 25% in the second quarter compared to the first, while NFT Resell’s profit dropped 46% for a total loss of $ 1.4 billion.The minimum purchase price of NFT from Bored Ape Yacht Club, the largest NFT collection in terms of market capitalization, down more than 50%.

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