Truecaller for iPhone got upgraded: Users to experience 10× better spam and business detection

Truecaller, the world’s leading global communications platform, today launched a new version of its iPhone app to users around the world. iPhone users are underserved by caller ID and spam blockers. Consumers have been looking for solutions, and Truecaller has built a better mousetrap. The iOS app has been rewritten from the ground up to be lighter (smaller app size), more efficient (runs faster, even on older iPhone 6S), but most importantly, has a lot to do with spam, scams It provides 10 times the performance compared to business phone recognition. An earlier version of the app.

This change is brought about by a brand new architecture that enables more efficient use of advanced background features in iOS. The new Truecaller for iPhone has developed up-to-date, accurate and complete caller ID and first sound spam detection for each region by automatically updating spam messages in the background. The app also features a complete design update and UX flow that drastically reduces first login time and speeds up daily navigation of the app.

Highlights of the new Truecaller for iPhone:
10x better caller ID, 10x better spam and fraud protection. Provide a smoother and faster onboarding experience for new users. Improved detail view when searching for numbers. New advanced buying process, coming soon for iPhone users with easier feature comparisons:

Significant improvements to SMS filtering, spam detection, and community-based services, including a redesigned number lookup widget for faster searches for unknown callers, as well as viewing and adding comments to spam flagged numbers to find other numbers for contextual help ability

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