WhatsApp Food Delivery for Railway Passengers will start soon by Zoop India and Haptik

Jio Haptik Technologies Limited (Haptik), the self-proclaimed world’s largest provider of WhatsApp chatbot solutions, has teamed up with IRCTC’s train delivery partner, Zoop, to provide seamless food ordering and delivery services for rail passengers while travelling by train.

Powered by Haptik’s advanced conversational commerce capabilities, the WhatsApp-based self-service food delivery platform allows passengers to place orders and deliver meals directly to their seats with real-time order tracking, feedback and support. With this new service, travelers can use their PNR number to order food from specific restaurants located at the scheduled train station.

WhatsApp Chatbot Platform:

The WhatsApp chatbot platform helps passengers overcome internet connectivity issues and improve their access to quality food during their train journeys. You can chat with Zoop on WhatsApp at +91 7042062070.

Swapan Rajdev, Co-Founder and CTO of Haptik, said: “WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging app and Haptik is at the forefront of WhatsApp commerce today. Our robust conversational commerce solutions enable brands like Zoop India to use WhatsApp acts as a platform to encourage orders and create a delightful customer experience. With tens of millions of people traveling by train every day, Haptik is partnering with Zoop to help passengers order their favorite meals and have them delivered directly to their seats superior.”

Puneet Sharma, founder of Zoopindia.com, said: “We want to solve the problem of inaccessible quality food on trains. The WhatsApp chatbot solution powered by Haptik is one of the most complex. It is the ideal self-help for all rail passengers Service solutions. We’re excited to see how people react to this innovation. Zoop is changing the way food is delivered on trains, and with Haptik’s technology, this partnership is on its way to success.”

Within weeks of launch, Haptik’s chatbot solution for WhatsApp has begun to see exponential growth in everyday conversations and will continue to scale, the company reports.

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