WhatsApp Money Transfer: Here is how you can send money from WhatsApp UPI

WhatsApp has become a part of our lives – both personal and professional. The instant messaging platform was updated a few months ago and includes a feature that allows users to pay from the platform. The new WhatsApp UPI feature has been integrated to send and receive funds easily.

With just one click, users can make payments through the instant messaging platform without requiring additional apps or using extra storage space on their smartphones.

Since WhatsApp’s new UPI payments are what Meta-owned WhatsApp claims to be a safe and secure payment method, many of you still don’t know how to use the feature. So here we want to help you enable WhatsApp UPI payments and teach you how to send money from messaging platforms such as money. B. Send a message.

Here’s how to configure payments in the WhatsApp chat window. Follow the steps below for smooth operation:

How to use WhatsApp UPI feature: Step by step guide:

Open WhatsApp

Select the chat window you want to send money to

Now click on the “rupee icon” in the message bar

Click “Pay”

After that, click on Add payment option
Now choose the bank where you have an account

Add your registered mobile number (already registered with the bank)

If your WhatsApp number and registered bank number are the same, WhatsApp will automatically read the same number
Now add your bank details on the platform
After verifying your information, click Next.
Now enter the amount you want to send to a specific person

Enter the UPI PIN of the bank account, once entered, the money will be sent to the corresponding contact

You can also track transaction and payment status in a single chat box

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