You Can Now Use WhatsApp On Windows Without Your Phone And Other Small Business best Tech News in 2022

Here are three things in the technology WhatsApp that occurred last week and how they influenced your business. Do you miss them?

1 – WhatsApp has a new stand -alone version of Windows.

Windows WhatsApp users can now enjoy applications using their cellphones or even have their cellphones. The company has released a new application available on the Windows Store. (Source: The Verge).

Why is this important for your business:

This is a big one because my company has quite a number of clients and others in our community who use WhatsApp (I also have relatives abroad where WhatsApp is very popular). Until now all the conversations over my phone. But using the application directly from my laptop will definitely save time, and position me to start better integrating this conversation with my CRM. Download now ….!

2 – Small businesses beat large companies with the “Buy Now” button through ecommerce.

A new study shows that the adoption of the new “buy” button for small and large businesses has been proven to help customers save time when shopping online. In addition, 85 percent of small business owners in this study prefer this option than only 71 percent of larger business owners. This may be because many small businesses use large payment companies like Paypal in their online checkout (Source: Pymnts).

Why is this important for your business:

According to this research, small traders are more likely to offer a one -click buy button checkout to increase conversion because basically this is the most unwilling way to complete sales. This study found that the use of buying buttons saves consumers 148 million hours per year during online checkouts. Takeaway is that if you don’t have the “Buy Now” button on your e-commerce site, you are trending behind.

3 – Microsoft makes collaborative worksheets easier to use with their new “@mentions” features.

Microsoft has received many complaints to how difficult it is to make a collaborative worksheet, as a result they have added this new feature “@mentions” to make spreadsheets easier to use. This feature allows users to mark their coworkers so that they can edit, see, or clarify certain parts. This tag can be inside and outside the network. This term can also be added to the Microsoft Workbook. This feature is expected to go out to the user in October 2022 with only Desktop Excel users will be able to have features for now (Source: Tech Radar).

Why is this important for your business:

Features that are needed. Let’s see how everyone likes it in October.

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