WhatsApp to let you message yourself from the same number: Know-how?

According to reports, WhatsApp has been working on some features to improve the user experience. The popular messaging app has reportedly been working on a feature that will allow users to message themselves. WhatsApp’s new link feature allows users to experience this new feature on the platform. Currently, the platform does not allow users to send messages to their registered numbers. But with the new linking feature, this is now likely to be possible.

Why do we need to message our own number?

Sometimes you want to keep the notes you want to take with you in a safe place where they won’t go unnoticed and are safe. Although there is an app on your phone called Notes that talks about convenience and frequent use, people find WhatsApp very handy when getting used to the platform.The update has reportedly been spotted on Wabetainfo, which tracks all activity related to WhatsApp. WABetaInfo’s report states: “One of the missing features of multi-device is the ability to send messages to itself from a linked device. WhatsApp is finally working on a solution that will be released in a future WhatsApp Desktop Beta update.”

When does it Will it be rolled out to app users?

WhatsApp is currently testing the new feature and we can expect the update to roll out in the future, but no timeline has been given yet. How will the new features work?

If you’re looking for contacts in WhatsApp desktop beta, you can also find your name tag to message yourself. You can use your personal chat in the future. The report states that when app users log into WhatsApp on their phones, they see their name at the top of their contact list. What devices will the new update support? WhatsApp is reportedly currently testing the feature in a desktop beta, but reports say the feature will roll out to Android and iOS beta soon. Even if you use the app on laptops and computers, you can see your name in your chat list – only when the feature rolls out.

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