Whistleblower best accuses Twitter of cybersecurity negligence in 2022

Accuses of former head of Twitter security

Former Head of Security Twitter accused that the company misleading the regulator about poor cyber security defense and negligence in an effort to eradicate fake accounts that spread disinformation, according to the reporting complaint submitted to the U.S. Officials.

Wahyu can create serious legal and financial problems for the social media platform, which is currently trying to force Tesla Elon Musk’s CEO to complete his $ 44 billion offer to buy a company. Some congress members on Tuesday asked the regulator to investigate the claim.

Complaint from Peter Zack, security head

Peiter Zatko, who served as Head of Twitter security until he was fired earlier this year, filed a complaint last month to the Securities Commission and the US Exchange, the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice. Legal non -profit whistleblower assistance, which works with Katamko, confirms the authenticity of a copy of complaints posted online by The Washington Post.

This is the last attempt for him, “said John Tye, one of the founders and officers of the group head disclosure, in an interview on Tuesday. He said that Balangko ran out of all efforts to resolve his concern in the company before its shooting in January.

Twitter violetes the 2011 FTC by balangko.

Among the most serious accusations, Balangko is that Twitter violates the 2011 FTC settlement provisions by wrongly claiming that they have placed stronger steps to protect the safety and privacy of its users. Zatko also accused the fraud company involving its handling of “spam” or a fake account, an accusation that was the core of Musk’s efforts to withdraw from Twitter.

Twitter Inc. shares. has dropped more than 6% at one Tuesday.better known by his hackers handling “mudge,” Katamko was a highly respected cybersecurity expert who first became famous in the 1990s and then worked in a senior position at the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Agency and Google.

Joining of Katamko, cyber security expert

He joined at the insistence of CEO Jack Dorsey at that time at the end of 2020, at the same year the company suffered an embarrassing security violation involving hackers who broke into Twitter accounts about world leaders, celebrities and technology, including Musk, in an effort to do Spam Their followers are from Bitcoin.

Twiter said in a statement prepared on Tuesday that Balangko was fired because of “ineffective leadership and poor performance” and said “accusations and opportunistic time seemed designed to attract attention and cause damage to Twitter, customers and their shareholders.” The company calls its complaints “fake narratives” “full of inconsistency and inaccuracies and has no important context.

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