Why should Indian govt should make rule on common charger for all devices?

Seven out of 10 Indian consumers believe mobile devices have different charging cables, as it allows manufacturers to maximize sales of accessories in the absence of government standards, a new report on Wednesday showed.

According to data provided by the community, while 5 in 10 respondents said that different charging cables exist due to a lack of government standards, 9 out of 10 want the government to prioritize charging cable standardization as it reduces inconvenience and allows charging Lines are more affordable – the media platform LocalCircles.

The European Commission recently took a commendable step by passing a resolution requiring all smartphone manufacturers to support USB-C as a unified charging standard for all mobile devices in EU countries by 2024.

The country’s consumer affairs ministry will meet with industry officials to explore the possibility of making universal chargers mandatory for most mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and wearables.

While 78% of consumers say all smartphones and tablets should use the same USB charging cable, no matter the company, only 6% of consumers say the current system works on different smartphones and tablets with different charging cables , regardless of the company.

The results show that most Indian consumers are unhappy with smartphones and tablets using different charging cables for different devices, and believe brands are doing the same to maximize accessory sales.

Since branded charging cables are expensive, most people end up buying the generic version.

Most consumers are now asking the government to create a common standard for USB charging cables like the EU, arguing that standardization will lower prices and make original charging cables more affordable.

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